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"Jordan has been through numerous crises and millions of refugees took refuge to it, and was able to face the struggle despite the conflicts in the region. We, MAP invest in humanity to enable civic contribution as empowering individuals to become able contributing citizens is one of our priorities "

MR. Munib Al Masri ( Chairman of board of trustees )

" We all share the belief tha t we hold a social responsibility for securing a healthy dignified life for our Palestinians People. I call upon you all to work with us to replace their pain with hope, help all those are in hardship ro regain their dignity and become a self-reliant and productive members of their community. Your humanitarian stand with MAP will transform the refugee camps into healthy communities "

About MapJordan

Medical Aid for Palestinians [MAP] is a non-governmental organization founded in London in 1984 by the late Abdul Majeed Shoman, to serve Palestinian refugees living in the Occupied Territories as well as Jordan and South Lebanon. Later in 1990 MAP-Jordan was established to serve refugees living in camps in Jordan. HRH Prince AL Hasan Bin Talal graciously took the post of the honorary Chairman of the organization in 1990, and lead the organization in its quest to ensure that displaced Palestinians have their right to live in health and dignity. MAP is a non-political organization and is not affiliated with any political party.
For the past 28 years, MAP-Jordan has been providing integrated primary medical services, high-quality treatments, and health awareness through it’s three medical centers; Hiteen/Schneller refugee camp, established in 1990, Jerash/Gaza refugee camp established in 2000 and the Talbieh refugee camp in 2019, MAP-Jordan serves 8000 families each year and has managed to reach 1,650,000 patients since its inception.

About MapJordan
Our Mission

Working for the health and dignity of Palestinians  living as refugees in Jordan.

  • To provide safe and accessible medical centers in Palestinians refugee camps as an initial and continual access point to primary health services and helping them access secondary and tertiary health care services
  • Access to treatments and medications for free or for minimal prices depending on individual financial capability.
  • To set up collaborative initiatives with local and international partners to improve primary health services and build health awareness in refugee communities.
  • To coordinate with local communities to organize free medical days that enable volunteering doctors to support the association

Better health for all Palestinian refugees living in Jordan. Secure life within a supportive society in a healthy environment, aware of the health needs of children, women, the elderly and patients with physical and mental challenges

President and Members of the Board of Trustees

Mr. Munib Rashid Al Masri
Dr. Abduallah Al Bashir
Mr. Michael Al Sayegh
He Mr.Hamdi Al Tabbaa
Mr. Mufleh Aqel
Mr. Daoud Al Kurd
Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh
Dr. Wadah Al- Barghouthi
Dr. Faisal Fayyad
Mrs. Hala Shukair
Dr. Abdel noor Hbaybeh
Dr. Omar Al Jazi
Mr. Rami Odwan
The Executive Director Mrs. Maha al saqqa
The Deputy Executive Director : MR. Mohammed Bazbaz
Director of The Medical Centers


Mr. Abdul qader dwaik
Mr. Khaldoun abu hassan
Mr. Ahmad mohammed alsabagh
Mr. Issam Mohammad bder
Mrs. Sabeha al ma'ani
He Mr. Thabet Al-taher
Dr. Walid Al-khaldi
Mr. Tawfiq fakhoury
He Mr. Ouni Al- masri
Dr. Asa'ad Abdul Rahman
Mr. munther Al-fahoum
Mr. Ahmad Armoush
Mr. Bassam sunqrot
Mrs. Intesar Jardaneh
Mrs. Huba hannon
Dr. Mahmoud Al-taher
Eng. Yosri Tahboub
Eng. Husam Al-den Al-hudhud
Eng. Abdelhalim Abdeen
Dr. Hilal Abu Ghosh
Mr. Fuad Al- Rahawnji
Mr. Ahmad Al- Helo
Mrs. Hiba Khoury


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